Talks & workshops

New workshop available – Torn Paper Collage – a new way to see.

Below: Talking Tone workshop for Kingfisher Art Group in Kingsthorpe 2014

Kingfisher art club 004


Below: Workshop with U-Kan-2

U-Kan-2 001

Below: ‘Using Colour’ workshop for Kingfisher Art Group in Kingsthorpe 2013

‘Thank you for being with us on Thursday last, Sonia. Your talk was fascinating and informative. You engaged our group thoroughly for a full two hours and then stimulated us into a really good questions-and-answers session.We all learned something fresh that evening and came away resolved to keep practising, inspired by your observations.’ Ann, Banbury & District Art Society 4th October 2012

Above – Weston Art Club take part in the clothed model workshop

Who are the talks and workshops for?
Art groups, WI’s, U3A groups, photographic groups, over sixties and any other interested groups.

Which talk would suit your group?

Talks are tailored to individual groups so do say if there is a particular aspect which interests you.

1. Trip to Antarctica – laptop slide show accompanying a talk about travelling to the Antarctic peninsular with small display of photographs, sketches and paintings.
2. An Artist in Antarctica – as 1. but with short demonstration and simple exercises for group members to participate in.
3. Travels in China –  find out more about China, its people, culture and places of interest. Laptop slide show accompanying a talk, also small exhibition.
4. Various art/craft based workshops – audience participation – making a zigzag book, make a watercolour greetings card

“As programme organiser for a small art group based in Northampton I have found that there is no shortage of artists available to give demonstrations of their work, but not so many willing to do what we call a ‘tutorial’ , (a 2 hour session – not a whole day workshop) whereby the artist gives a short talk about a subject, gives examples and then lets the class get on with it,  So I have congratulated myself that I have found Sonia, who visited us twice last year.
They were both entertaining and stimulating sessions and everyone remarked about the way she made the subject so interesting and informative. The group learnt a lot from Sonia and I will definitely be booking her again. Especially as I know lots of our members will turn up!” Sara Blenkharn –  Kingfisher Art Group, Northampton.

Workshops aimed at art groups:
5. Working with photographs
many people copy photographs but this workshops shows how to get the best from photos, how to select, how to use alongside sketches if you have them, decide on which medium to use, compose, get a feeling of atmosphere, in other words how to use the photograph and not let it use you!
6. Composition – a look at how composition works
7. Using Colour – some exercises and a look at how the use of colour can make or break a painting and how to increase the sense of depth by use of colour
8. Sketching out of doors – how to tackle that mass of information which confronts you when you work outside as well as a look (and try) at various media you can use
9. Let loose in the Landscape – sketching and painting out of doors – works well as a follow up for 8.
10. Talking tone – ideas and techniques for improving the tonal contrasts in your work and getting away from bland paintings.
11. Watercolour sampler sheet – a ‘play’ session trying lots of techniques
12. Acrylic sampler sheet – a ‘play’ session trying lots of techniques
13. Ink and wash
14. Drawing flowers
15. Painting flowers
16.Drawing the clothed model (I can provide a model at an extra charge but you may be able to persuade someone to sit for you!)
17. Loosen up your paintings – techniques to challenge you to loosen up our work
18. Perspective (drawing)
19. Perspective (painting)
20. Mixed media – painting incorporating collage, printmaking, stencils, acrylics, watercolours, pencils, inks and/or pastels
21. Torn Paper Collage – a new way to see – working with your sketches or photos learn how to make a painting with paper – exciting results will help you introduce that extra something into future paintings.