Paul Cézanne and Annecy

Those who accompanied me on my Art Holiday to France this September were able to paint this very view. Paul Cézanne sneered at this view of Lake Annecy, but he painted it anyway. The result tells us everything we need to know about the artist.

Le Lac d'Annecy by Cezanne

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2 Responses to Paul Cézanne and Annecy

  1. artmoscow says:

    No, this painting does not tell all about the artist, but it tells a lot about the self-projection of Jonathan Jones. Really, as a painter, you can’t buy into the self-contradictory stuff he writes.

    “Cézanne has changed a benign view he feared might be “picturesque” into an almost apocalyptic spectacle”. It takes a lot of personal drama to mistake blue skies reflecting on a perfectly still lake, with nature being flooded by sun, for a storm.

    And, as a matter of fact, Cezanne did not sneer at the view. He sneered at the empty and transient beauty viewers would normally take out of it. So, he did it differently, in his own way, the secret of which Mr Jones does not seem to want to really understand.

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